Devenir chef

Ouvrez une table d'hôtes chez vous, et organisez vos repas

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"We're empowering cooks on every street to feed their communities in a safe and nourishing way – with home cooked meals. We've started in Paris and now we are expanding across Europe to work with an ever-growing community of chefs. And we're looking for awesome people to help us do it. "

Join a rapidly growing startup and help build the future of the food and sharing economy industries.

You’ll work really hard for sure and be given a ton of responsibility, but we promise you’ll have fun in the process!

Did we mention that you get unlimited soft (and not so soft) drinks, and home-made popcorn ?

Technology team

Mobile developer (Android or iOS)
Web developer (PHP, Javascript)
UX Web / Mobile design
Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
Internship in technology

To apply : [email protected]

Business and Marketing team

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Country Manager Europe (any country)
Country Manager Africa (any country
Country Manager Middle-East (any country)
Country Manager North-America (any country)
Country Manager Latin America (any country)
Country Manager Asia
Internship in Business and Marketing

To apply : [email protected]