Devenir chef

Grâce à Gastronomiz, proposez à vos voisins votre delicieux petit plat fait maison, fait avec amour.
Je décide de mes horaires et je travaille de chez moi. J'indique mon prix et la quantité de plats disponibles. Je rends service à mes voisins tout complétant mes revenus.

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"We're empowering cooks on every street to feed their communities in a safe and nourishing way – with home cooked meals. We've started in Paris and now we are expanding across Europe to work with an ever-growing community of chefs. And we're looking for awesome people to help us do it. "

Join a rapidly growing startup and help build the future of the food and sharing economy industries.

You’ll work really hard for sure and be given a ton of responsibility, but we promise you’ll have fun in the process!

Did we mention that you get unlimited soft (and not so soft) drinks, and home-made popcorn ?

Business and Marketing team

Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)
Country Manager Europe (any country)
Country Manager Africa (any country
Country Manager Middle-East (any country)
Country Manager North-America (any country)
Country Manager Latin America (any country)
Country Manager Asia
Internship in Business and Marketing

To apply : [email protected]